catholic arguments against protestantism

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Some time ago our USC apologist Wes Hunt offered a point by point rebuttal to Protestant pastor Matt Slick's "Questions for Catholics." "Well, duh! This method of questioning is not meant to facilitate a sincere search for truth, but rather its purpose is to lead the Catholic along to a predetermined answer. But aversion to the Catholic veneration of Mary is so strongly ingrained in Protestant tradition as to be extremely difficult to overcome for some Protestants, even when they positively will to join the Catholic Church. As I've said before, "Most desirable is it that the whole of Theology should be animated by the use of the Word of God. Had Protestantism offered a reform in the sense of amendment, probably all the corrupt elements in the Church would have turned against it, as Jews and pagans turned against Christ and the Apostles. You don't seem to have the Eucharist as a routine/core part of the Liturgy either, as you've not really mentioned it. Hello EJ, Nothing in that quote goes against what I posted. (3) Anyone not following this Apostolic Oral Teaching cannot properly fulfill his highest duty. You must take care not to make Protestantism into something like "Catholicism Lite" because it is isn't. Michael, (7) You said: "the Bible has limits in the sense that it does give us a number of explicit commands and examples of regulated worship" This is the million dollar question and you're not answering it. The example I gave in the main post was that of celebrating the Eucharist. But I don't grant that premise. Applied to Christianity, that simply means whenever Christians gather together to worship in a formal setting, there is a liturgy. <>What you call "some latitude" is really "infinite latitude" because the Bible sets no limits!<

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