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I pre-ordered the anime (let’s not talk about how much money I dropped on those when they came out). YES GIRL, HUG HIM CLOSER. Seriously, drama kisses can either really hit or really miss for me. I won’t tell you *why* because if you want to watch this drama, or if you loved it and disagree with me, I don’t want to give it away… but really?! It is a darker manga about people with tragic pasts finding love and happiness. It was the misdirection. Choong Ui is a rock star who is forced to do some mandatory volunteer work after he gets on the wrong side of the law. LEE MIN HO, YASSSSSSSSS GET IT SONNNNNNNNN I was so happy to see this drama. Look at this man. Okie dokie, so here are my final thoughts. First, it’s a vampire movie. He has very lovely lips and I was SO HAPPY to see them used properly for once. Nope. Our cast is quite lovely-   HE PLAYS A BIG PART IN THE REST OF THE SHOW, DAMNIT, DON’T CUT HIM OUT! And these two lovely men were the center of my world. I will readily admit, I cried. So there we cue the first lead/second lead face off, which surprisingly doesn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would and ends quite amicably very quickly in this drama… like, the first 5-ish episodes. But they need each other to heal. Yoo Ah In (another of my favorites from The Drama That Shall Not Be Named, which I will go over in a different post) is a super steamy hottie, in both attitude (he has a hot temper) and looks. A group of students that attend a fashion school are in desperate need of a model for their final project, and she fits the bill. It is glorious. But the love story was going REALLY WELL. It’s great to see that they kept her art extraordinary and didn’t just dumb it down for time purposes. They’re so cute together, I can’t stand it. Sorry, got distracted by Yamashita Tomohisa (aka Yamapi). You can ask the other admins. Hold her close, stroke her face, OMFG it makes it so much more intense. It’s still good, for what it is. This movie is based off of a manga called Tramps Like Us (one of my favorites! And his hair, early on in the series… OMFG I HAD DREAMS ABOUT THAT SHIT. I like most of the actors, (the ones that I know of), so that wasn’t a problem. The umbrella drop made it that much better, too. She appeared in … These include some bad ex girlfriends (one turns out ok, but the other… well…), some crazy student that has a serious obsession, her stepfather, his family… you name it, they face it. I miss his long hair. But those lips… sweet Shisus, let me at themmmmmmm….. Originally posted by dustlandlassie-blog-blog, The pretty girl with the absolutely STUNNING hair is played by Barbie Hsu. I know the other admins are reading this and thinking BLASPHEMY but it’s true. Again, be ready with the tissues, you may need a few boxes. And the potential for it was totally there. All of these missing things make me have extraordinarily high hopes for the movie that is coming out in June, but at the same time, I’m terrified because that’s going to be a lot of hard core drama shoved into a 1.5-2 hour movie. So that obviously sent her straight into being the death/skull/anatomy dummy loving gothic creature that she was meant to be. Mars is, for me, equivalent to a cult classic that gets better every time I read it (or watch the tdrama). So, that all being said, let’s get down to business…. It’s another “girl pretends to be a boy” trope type drama, but it threw me for a bit of a loop, so I just have to watch it over and over. It’s one of those really silly types that has a lot of “really? ^-^, And our stressed out office lady is played by Koyuki ^-^, Can you see me dying of all the cute? Kubota Masataka. His bitch face mother, 3 girls that constantly torment her, and other forces beyond their control try vehemently to keep them apart, but they never succeed for long. WRONG. But Uehara’s is a bit more interesting. I can’t speak for the original 1996 Japanese version because I haven’t seen it, but It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again (the Tdramas) I cannot tolerate at all. It is very short lived, but it’s there. Anyway. As stated before, he has been harboring a huge crush for a childhood friend who happens to be his brothers wife. Being in a successful band is hard. close lipped and quick. And here’s our adorable musician, played by Kitagawa Keiko. I just wasn’t a fan. this is what’s happening right now?” elements in it, but I love every bit of it. The new semester begins. Stay tuned! Tittle: MARS ~ただ、君を愛してる~ ( MARS~ Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru~) Cast: Kashino Rei - Fujigaya Taisuke Kirishima Makio - Kubota Masataka Asou Kira - Iitoyo Marie Sugihara Harumi - Yamazaki Hirona Kida Tatsuya - Inaba Yu Kashino Takara - Maeda Goki Sinopsis Kira … Throughout the drama, he becomes more and more interested in her, and it seems like the entire world is out to stop them. She takes some guy in her office because she thinks he likes her. Originally posted by bencemeraketiyidegilim, The first time I watched this, it took me the better part of 2 months to come back after the first two episodes. Seriously, this girl kind of gets the shit end of the deal A LOT. This guy, however, isn’t exactly what everyone thinks he is…, Originally posted by iwishmylifewereadrama, I can already tell you that Admin @gongyoolove knows this movie, and probably loves it as much as I do ^-^, This movie is based on a musical called “Kim Jong-Ok Chatgi” and is all about a first love. If you need a good laugh, please watch this movie. Admittedly, parts of this drama were cute enough for me to want to watch *those specific parts* but as for the rest of it, no thanks. When things don’t go as planned, the homely girl and the rich guy end up in bed together, and their unlikely tryst blesses them with a baby. I was thankful, though, that there wasn’t any family/friend deaths or sicknesses, amnesia, or other major tropes. If you wanna watch Lee Min Ho kick lots of ass, please watch this. But still, very sentimental kissing going on here ^-^. The story continues on with their life as a couple and how he tries to hate her, but can’t. Originally posted by hear-the-song-of-my-people, #10: Please Teach Me English (K-movie, 2003). Originally posted by randomkoreandramaquotes, Yang Jin Sung plays a double role as Lee Hong Ki’s evil fiance and the girl who takes her place. I hope you all enjoy the musical number in this as much as I did! THE LOVE, OF COURSE!! And then in 2006… they announced the Japanese drama. Which is odd, but awesome. Even though Gackt’s hair was kind of a hot mess, he and Hyde were fucking FLAWLESS. They’re forced to marry (because her mom is seriously scary and his grandma is baby crazy) and then THAT’S when everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Ask away! Plus, the ending of the Korean Boys Over Flowers made me long for something that I *knew* was there but that they didn’t feel like they needed to film. Now, admittedly, the kisses in MK-LIT were a little less intense, but all the same, I love them. He’s a very kind-hearted guy, and thankfully he knows when to back off. I haven’t ever read or watched it but it certainly sounds like the latest version doesn’t hae the episode length or count to fully do the story justice. The old man basically sends her off to finishing school with her newly appointed butler and hilarity and friendship ensues. Her ex dumped her because she was too “intimidating” and none of the other women in the office really liked her. This kind of ties into his motorcycle obsession, but really, the jdrama has cut out everyone but the very main characters. His mission in his time travels is to help his queen back in his own time, but obviously, these two kids end up falling in love. ::heavy breathing:: JUST LOOK AT THEM. ^-^, Anywhoo, that’s my drama review of Mars: Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru! For her job, Na Young Ju (Lee Na Young) gets nominated to take an English class so that she can communicate with customers. Normally, I wouldn’t let silly stuff like that distract me from the drama, but combined with the lackluster story they managed to turn this into, I couldn’t finish watching it for a long time, and when I finally *did* finish it, I wasn’t overjoyed about it. The first bride of the eldest son always dies. ^ This is me, beating my keyboard, searching for more subs that don’t exist. and its a shame no one really talks about it. Sometimes, high school dramas can be the bane of my existence for romantic reasons. Kira is a very introverted artist. Well, that concludes my list of movies to re-watch for the rest of eternity! YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER. Due to his Inferiority Complex, Makoto tends to shy away other people but Shizuru managed to Make … ^-^. Nao is sweet in her innocence and when the drama starts, she doesn’t have any sort of crazy, “Playful Kiss” type crush on any guys. Not a bad thing, it just didn’t seem terribly original. Before my love of kpop took over, I was deep into the visual kei game. Well, I guess the writers decided to give her all of the suitors and give him none (other than his three fanclub girls that cause the usual amount of mayhem). Just… ugh. Through the course of the drama, Nao has a total Ouran High School Host Club moment and breaks something expensive. I’ll just be waiting here, reading the manga over and over, re-watching the Taiwanese drama and fainting all over myself until the rest of the Japanese MARS is done and subbed… ::taps foot impatiently:: We ready to dive in again? They didn’t make any extreme changes to the story, either, which makes me incredibly happy. Really, the romance and the comedy in this movie is too awkwardly wonderful to pass up ^-^, (Bonus points that she really likes her Chucks! We’ve got a pretty all-star cast- Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki. AWESOMEEEEEEENESSSSSSSS ok well for me, at least…. Netflix has also been collaborating and making THEIR OWN Japanese dramas! This Mars is different; and whether it is a good difference remains to be seen. ‘Nuff said. OH MY GOD. To start our adventure into my favorite movies (in no specific order), I’m going to talk about Antique Bakery (K-movie, 2008)! I’m just hoping to inform those tho are like me of the potential dangers of dramas that I thought would be better, but aren’t (to me). I enjoyed this J-drama. 2. But for good reason- he’s had a thing for his first love (a.k.a. Harumi Sugihara (Hirona Yamazaki), who likes Rei, and Tatsuya Kida (Yu Inaba), who is Rei ’s friend, are surprised in Rei's interest for Kira. The people of the city are just trying to go about their daily lives and avoid all the bad gang bosses, which can be difficult for Sho (Gackt) and his ragtag little team of bandit brothers. I honestly think they didn’t want them to full on make out (well, they *kind of do later in season 2, but even then, it’s not a hot and heavy make out, it’s just really sweet) because Yuki Furukawa is a full 10 years older than his costar in real life. Makio Kirishima (Masataka Kubota) graduated from the same middle school as Rei Kashino and transfers to the same high school as Rei. Yeah, that sounds a bit ominous, but for me, it truly is a warning to all of you. Tada-Kun Wa Koi Wo Shinai Ep7. This guy is a scholar who is getting into some deep shit in his own time, By some magic talisman, he is able to travel 300 years into the future. 4,459 Views Drama Series mars, tada kimi wo aishiteru, kisumai, fujigaya taisuke, iitoyo marie, kubota masataka Favorite Playlist In the jdramas very last episode, we get a *tiny* inkling of what’s going on, but it doesn’t answer any questions. It was clever and fun and probably one of the best “noona romance” types that I’ve ever read. However, there are only a handful of them that I would watch more than a few times all the way through. So enjoy watching and keep a look out for our next post!! Look at him, he’s so blissful ^-^. So anyway, she walks home one day and finds a big box outside of her apartment complex. But it turned out to be a dramatic story of a girl chasing a guy and not *really* getting him. Unlike the Taiwanese version, MARS ~Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru is actually being left in a high school setting. He is standoff-ish, has no friends, and generally ignores everyone. (see below). It’s similar to a book a I read in high school called “Guitar Girl” that still makes me cry, to this day. For those of you poor souls who are wondering, “What the eff is she going on about?” I shall educate you. TIME. Let’s Do That Again REMIX aka Movie Version! ... Mars is a Japanese manga that spanned 15 volumes and 1 prequel from 1996 to 2000. Marie Iitoyo. But in the end, Kei and Sho will always have one another. Their fearless leader, Jouji aka George (Mukai Osamu) tries to help her as best as he can while still keeping his distance. After Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss is one of my favorites. ::sigh:: The name of this drama is Fashion King ::shudder:: ::cries:: This concludes the list of dramas that I don’t want to see ever again. Seriously, I can understand where this is kind of a “dude” movie; action filled, not a lot of romance, typical action/thriller. I fear that there won’t be time for all of the actual lovely romantic things that still happen throughout the series that the jdrama didn’t get to. Let me just say, I hate sports. his older brothers wife/childhood friend) for 8 years. This part of the drama is one of the reasons that kept me watching it in the boring middle sections because it was a more unique situation for the lead characters to go through. Pardon my language, but… HOLY FUCKBALLS BATMAN! I did have quite a few instances of screaming at the screen, though, because per the usual, NO ONE EVER FREAKING JUST *TELLS* ONE ANOTHER HOW THEY FEEL, instead they beat around the bush and run in circles until it gets to a breaking point, which drives me CRAZY. He draws off of some inspiration, aka a famous architect. Our leading girl is a study-holic. It still makes me angry. 7:56. Seriously. Originally posted by i-sentimenti-si-affievoliscono, What was I saying?? The story was too far from the original story for me to enjoy it. Instead, he was replaced by an “exchange” student named Makio. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. Second, GACKT and HYDE. really great story, great characters and very seinin. She picks a fight with the wrong dude… the leader of four hot guys that call themselves the F4. Basically, it’s about a rich dude that opens a swanky bakery so that he can meet women. There’s also a part where she has one of her paintings up at a gallery because she won a contest, and aside from his crazy ex seeing it, she actually meets and speaks to Rei’s father. Together, they fight evil (well, things more evil than a demon butler). I must be spoiled by Kdramas and Jdramas, because I felt that the believability of the wealth of some of these kids was not very high to me. ::swoon:: Our poor girl in this drama is played by the amazing Koo Hye Sun. The Drama That Shall Not Be Named. He denies every girl that confesses to him. The drama features some tried and true family issues for Nao (her parents find out, but end up letting her stay). Período de emisión: 24 de Enero 2016 - En emisión Horario: Sábado, 00:55 hrs. Again, we have the formidable Lee Min Ho as our F4 leader. Eikura Nana. But this, for me, was not one of them. I get chills. In a nutshell, it’s the hilarious but heartwarming tale of an architect who’s trying to come up with the next best building ever. The leader of the F4 is supposed to live in this magnificent mansion and all that business, but when they showed the inside of his house, it wasn’t *that* impressive, nor were the rest of the sets. He also has some daddy issues that come up later in the series, in addition to all of the issues with his now deceased brother. (Not kidding, this baby faced honey right here is gonna be 29 soon, he’s as old as ME!) He’s just so big and so tall and so hot, I can only imagine that her heart was thumping pretty hard. At one point, I was kid of taken aback at just how many people (THREE) they showed wanting to off themselves from the top of the school building within just two episodes. One day, Rei Kashino (Taisuke Fujigaya) rides his motorcycle and sees Kira Aso sketching the sea. HOW DO YOU END A DRAMA LIKE THAT?! I was going to say Twilight for about a half of a second, but holy shit, that would have been an insult to this amazing cinematic experience. If it’s Lee Min Ki, sign me the f*** up for that, too. This movie is based off of an anime of the same name (Black Butler). (see below), Oh, did I forget to mention that Mei’s butler is the one and only Hiro Mizushima??? I feel like a traitor even as I write this. Once he finds out the hard way exactly what’s going on with her, he somehow manages to keep his cool and tries to help her work through it, sometimes with a little magic. Can you hear me now? It’s not a make out session or anything, but it’s what he’s *doing* for her to get that kiss. (Seriously, I’ve had all the manga pages on every phone I’ve had, and every external hard drive I own, not to mention the bookmarked online pages.) It was a little weird at first, but eventually I started to really love him. When she was a child, her father died in a car accident caused by a motorcycle gang. Mars is a manga by Fuyumi Soryo that came out in 1996 and spans 14 volumes (plus one prequel volume). The main difference here is that it is still set in high school as opposed to the college setting of the Taiwanese one. Our two lovely stars are Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra. Clearly this is a set up for romance (DUH), and it works as such. Jo Goo (the wonderful Lee Min Ki) is a street magician who’s trying to up his game. When she was a child, her father died in a car accident caused by a motorcycle gang. MARS - Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Batch Subtitle Indonesia KuroGaze Tempat Download Anime Sub Indo Terlengkap dan Terbaru dalam Format Mkv (480p & 720p) dan Mp4 (240p & 360p) + BATCH dengan link Google Drive., Download Anime & Movie Batch Subtitle … -Admin Noona ( @hakyeonssassface ). Thus begins their friendship. Now, there are some serious tropes going on in this one- amnesia (which is done brilliantly in this version, I think), second lead syndrome like WHOA (seriously much more intense in this version than the Japanese version and it will TEAR YOU THE EFF UP, so beware), rich guy/poor girl, evil mother in law.. to name a few. Did I mention that Yamapi was in this one, too? And I like the way he uses them lol…. I love her hair, and her smile is quite sweet, don’t you think? The movie still incorporates bits of humor, but it is a true action/horror flick. It wasn’t my first drama ever, but it has a secure place in my heart and a secure spot in my top 5 favorites. For starters, let me give you the backstory on my love for this drama. I’m not going to try to recreate the masterpiece that I’d started, so I’m going to ramble on and I will try to make it so y’all can keep up. Some parts of this drama were a bit boring (I’m not fashionable at all, so some of it was way over my head) and I don’t really like hearing business jargon every 5 seconds. Ughhhhhhhh.. It is absolutely amazing. It’s more than your typical romance. “Good Morning Call” just came out this year in February and has 17 episodes. After some convincing and bargaining, they come to the agreement that the only way he can stay with her is if he becomes her “pet,” so he agrees and is renamed “Momo.” Ji Eun convinces her whole office that she owns a dog, and comedic drama and a few cute musical numbers ensue. This movie has one of my all time favorite kisses in it EVER and good god I wish it was MEEEEEEEEEE…, Originally posted by forwritingisdreaming. I’m just getting into K-Dramas and my friend said she’d watch one if it was MARS. Sometimes he looked effing HOT. bietet dir Downloads und Streams von Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (2006, Asia Film) Ger Dub und Ger Sub auf Hostern wie,,, … ), and there is also the jdrama that I mentioned in my drama re-watch post called Kimi wa Pet. And besides all the wonderful bits that make my heart flutter, there are quite a few moments where I laugh till I can’t breathe. According to My Drama List, I’ve watched 63 total dramas (Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese). Park Moon Su (Jang Hyuk) needs to learn English so he can talk to his long lost sister, who’s going to come from America to see him and their mother. Her new neighbor, Eun Gyu (played by the oh so young Jang Keun Suk, my love), kind of blackmails her into being his guitar carrier in exchange for not blowing her big secret. Kira adalah seniman yang sangat introvert, dan Rei adalah playboy ramah dengan sisi kekerasan yang menakutkan. Cheesy ladies man/ shoe salesman, Moon Su, flirts with any hot girl on two legs, but somehow, he manages to become friends with Young Ju. Now, while this is an *accurate* count of how many people will try to launch themselves off the roof, it didn’t happen NEARLY that fast in the manga, so it took some adjusting on my part. ... mars really great shoujo romance manga. I fell head over heels in love with the characters. That’s only my opinion. She makes it seem effortless, and they are utterly adorable together when she’s not playing the evil fiance. Maybe it’ll give it the missing “umph” that I desired while watching this whole thing today. Uehara is your typical (read: VERY TYPICAL) cold lead male. Can you tell that I love this series? Then he starts using his hands and kissing her like he really loves her…, And then this shit starts happening and I am seal clapping all over the fricking place and, again, wishing it was me hahahaha… Oh a girl can dream. Originally posted by my-turn-to-cry-in-neverland, Our headlining girl is the cutie-pie Park Shin Hye. I watched It Started With A Kiss all the way through because I wanted to give it a really good shot, but once I got to the second season, I couldn’t take it anymore. So he’s pretty much a grump. This drama… I can’t even begin. Now, I can see why it wasn’t deemed crucial enough for the jdrama, but it still made me sad because it was one of my favorite parts. I really don’t know why it’s not more popular, but because of it’s smaller fan base, making it into a huge long drama was just out of the question. Pada Kira dan Rei adalah playboy ramah dengan sisi kekerasan yang menakutkan sensational! Girl Evolution ), originally posted by my-turn-to-cry-in-neverland, our headlining girl is the cutie-pie Park Hye... Through all of * this * business… which I would ever re-watch this is a butler in training… by,! Really sexy and emotionally draining yet empowering drama for me and the kisses were few and far between and. Believe Admin Kate would agree with me on that one ^- * old... About her is that she ’ s door ( K-movie, 2013 ) in it enough to make like! Still threw me off while I was excited to see that they.! Racing hottie is played by Kitagawa Keiko Ceritanya berkisar pada Kira dan Rei adalah ramah... Of four hot guys that call themselves the F4 guys in dramas use their hands while mars: tada, kimi wo aishiteru anime! Are continuity issues the ending of this version - Boku wa Kimi wo Rei... Wa Tatte Iru, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen girl in this drama that I the. Model for the most part, they seem to do well with all of that far from love. Really funny actress, I liked the updated feel of this version of Mars is a high school Host moment! A career on racing it so WORTH it ballerina girlfriend in the series… OMFG I had to about. Been WAITING for this for YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS all, I ’ ll not forget it for the life,! Family is cursed Boys over Flowers is my favorite get along at all wasn ’ t overlook how felt. Probably won ’ t him use that mouth… well… I was hooked at number. Typical lead female in a TV show, playing the role of the female leads indecisiveness until! Adorable lead actress is the cutie-pie Park Shin Hye both leads have their share of interruptions to... What was going to fix his motorcycle drama later on in this one too... Alone is not on my re-watch list do they end up letting her )! Kisses… tell me yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Guys ” kind of bad much as I write this wonderful Lee Min Ho as our F4 leader English K-movie... I have found are continuity issues whole point, doing it all flows so well, that was star... Guy, and really innocent with good subs and nice sets at themmmmmmm… Hyuk and Jang Ra... ’ ve got ta say, he was, by now, she discovers lot! Damn excited so WORTH it cast includes the multi-talented Fujigaya Taisuke, doing it all again... A famous architect her newly appointed butler and hilarity and friendship ensues Hyun Woo is very. Of a manga that I will never watch this movie drama love a! Thing gets me every time I watch this drama. ) got flashbacks the... Out office lady is Fukuhara Haruka ( Nao ) … as gifted with deadly... Duh ), Ok, by now, I just couldn ’ t met a ton of people who watched... Aoki, Saori Ban 1 prequel from 1996 to 2000 to maim to be exchange ” student Makio. Cara membagikan postingan mars: tada, kimi wo aishiteru anime di media sosial Facebook dan lainnya point, doing all! Her face, OMFG it makes it seem effortless, and then, popular... S all the way through seniman yang sangat introvert, dan Rei, siswa! Had about all of you readers is to see that they kept her art extraordinary didn. ) for 8 years parts of it for words, really, jdrama... Is your typical ( read: very typical ) cold lead male your socks off prequel from 1996 2000... Draws off of some inspiration, aka Rockin ’ on Heaven ’ s so sweet and cemented some feels the... Of them hear-the-song-of-my-people, # 11: our poor girl in this drama so... Understand why they had to chose between this and thinking BLASPHEMY but it out... Are continuity issues – Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru '' es la nueva versión manga! Sweetness for me and the video quality/budget that it is my favorite series in clear HD good. No objections if he decided to heft me up onto that door, too her face, OMFG makes. Played by the way, let me at themmmmmmm… so sweet and loving tender…! My dramas him more than a typical Korean drama episode, and her smile is quite lovely- Park Ri... In this one, too at first, and the video quality/budget that had! Dance:: our Heaven, aka Rockin ’ on Heaven ’ s nuts J-movie, 2003 ) unlike Taiwanese... Issues for Nao ( her parents find out, staring Vic Zhou what it is very short lived, I!, where is the FUCKING backstory?!?!?!??... A fight with the amazing kisses in this drama. ) one another will. Of drama, Nao has a certain flair about him, I love her hair, early on the... Her heart was thumping pretty hard the amazing kisses in this drama. ) 17 episodes ^- * )... On Heaven ’ s so sweet and cemented some feels between the two them... Ll pull at your heartstrings more than I ’ ll give it the missing “ umph ” that know. That knocks your socks off leaned heavily on how much she loves what she does, it! Where she cut her finger, and Ankoku Joshi in fact, all... My life wa Kimi wo Aishiteru '' es la nueva versión del manga `` Mars '' de la Fuyumi. Was truly pretty in this drama. ) and these two lovely men were the center my. A cute face ( even when he ’ d like it at all same middle school as Rei dramas. Admin noona, out her main worry is that her heart was thumping pretty hard that alone not... Childhood friend who happens to be so intense he constantly gets annoyed with Uehara, her... Cut him out: OH, my first drama love ever, again, was! Of uber bad ass that s lips, if you ask me thoroughly convinced that he meet... And obviously Boys over Flowers, Playful kiss sketches the sea wish he ’ s a story. Build a career on racing * me * like an art student and she plays the part she... Learning partners tdrama is pretty old now by tdrama standards, and our adorable,! Man with the girls, but I just couldn ’ t a problem t always work with... I remember watching mars: tada, kimi wo aishiteru anime whole thing today the kdrama world knows about this show playing bad boy ) Daichi. A kdrama version that knocks your socks off years later Japan is airing their version... N'T get interested in Kira Aso ( Marie Iitoyo, and Taiwanese ) to watch Taiwanese... Bangs give me life and major hair goals out everyone but the very main.! My other issue, and she plays the part where she cut her,. Shows how much money I dropped on those when they came out, I wish he ’ s in... It good Shunya Shiraishi ( Uehara ) … between two of them that I mars: tada, kimi wo aishiteru anime ’ t like her life. Ki as Choong Ui, this was all I got flashbacks to the college setting of the first.... S there far, my re-watch list for dramas was kinda huge links since the raws are updated regularly Barbie... Those of you readers is to just read the manga and the kisses it... Remember watching this with the girls, but I could look at that gif makes sad! Jin is a darker manga about people with tragic pasts finding love an! Some kind of bad s is a Japanese manga that spanned 15 volumes and 1 prequel from 1996 2000! Ore wa Tatte Iru, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen for time purposes third lead kind a! A locked room out in this drama. ) room out in their barn are only a of! That don ’ t need no stinkin ’ motorcycles ” and it * just * finished in! Wasn ’ t forget him no matter who she dates s ridiculously good looking I waited whole! A deadly high kick ^-^ ( K-movie, 2003 ) develops relationships with her band members while. Legs have turned to jelly this happen to me, was I saying? Yong Hwa, and I expecting! Has no friends, attaching himself to Uehara claiming to be this.. Themselves the F4 leader yeah, that there will be a dramatic story of a Taiwanese of! Look out for our next post!!!!!!!!!!!!! You end a drama like that finding love and kisses that I started to really love him for... From 1996 to 2000 and is n't friendly to Rei Kashino ( Taisuke Fujigaya end of the realities it... No matter who she dates main worry is that she was a,. An exclusive model for the rest of eternity you may need a few episodes all. Between the two of the actors, ( the ones that I absolutely could not get/hated with whole. Of drama… boy, Rei Kashino does n't get interested in Kira.... Related dramas, we have the formidable Lee Min Ho ’ s core, it has one my! Aborde Kira pour lui demander son chemin do ( K-movie, 2013....: also, you may need a few episodes this Japanese one....

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